Substitution Policy

Substitution Policy

At, our foremost priority is ensuring the punctual delivery of your order according to your specified time and date. In certain circumstances, the arrangement you've chosen may require substitutions. We acknowledge that your expectations are based on the visual presentation, and we guarantee that any substitutions made will be of equal or superior value.

Our objective is to closely replicate the requested arrangement, utilizing flowers or plants that bear resemblance in appearance and worth. For arrangements comprising assorted flowers or potted plants, substitutions may be necessary to maintain the desired color scheme, thereby preserving the overall aesthetic appeal. This entails the replacement of specific flower types or plants with equivalent or superior alternatives.

While we endeavor to maintain consistency in arrangements featuring a single variety of flower or potted plant, variations in color may occur as a result of substitutions. Additionally, containers may be substituted to uphold the overall design coherence.

In the instance of gourmet baskets, fruit trays, and other specialty gifts, substitutions may occur in the contents or containers. Be assured that any replacements will be of equal or superior value, and we will exert every effort to uphold the essence of the original selection.

Our commitment is to furnish you with a gratifying and fulfilling experience, and we value your understanding in granting us the flexibility to make essential substitutions to fulfill your order seamlessly. Should you have specific preferences or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, and we will strive to accommodate your requests. Thank you for choosing for your floral and gifting requirements.